ATO Interest Recouped – Win!

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Last week I had a monumental win for a small business client and I am pleased to share some of the details with you (with permission from my client of course).

This particular client has had ongoing issues with their private specialised business and accounting software provider and a while ago the provider actually went out of business.

This meant my client had unresolved issues with their accounting records and it took a great deal of time and effort on their part, and mine, to get things back where they need to be.

The fallout of this was that the client was late lodging some documents to the ATO and incurred interest and penalties of almost $5,000!

But, knowing how reasonable the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) are when a client experiences hardship, I applied for this amount to be remitted and the ATO obliged – I told you it was a win!

This is not the first time I’ve had significant wins for clients, at my old firm, due to circumstances outside my control, two clients incurred significant penalties of $64,000 and $17,000 and I was successful in having both amounts refunded to the client.

So…if you have some problems with documentation and the ATO charge you penalties and interest, make sure you contact me and explain what happened before you pay, I may just be able to help you out.



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