An evening with Sadhana Smiles!

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Frivolous Friday is here again and I thought I’d share my experience meeting Sadhana Smiles.

With thanks to Leadership Great South Coast and Telstra, Sadhana appeared at Warrnambool’s Lighthouse Theatre this week as part of the Great South Coast Small Business Festival.

You can read about Sadhana’s achievements here

I embrace any chance I can to hear inspirational women speak, and the things I took from Sadhana’s presentation relate to:

  • having courage, determination and self-belief
  • being street smart and disruptive
  • creating a plan for life
  • investing in yourself and thinking of your brand
  • give people a compelling reason to say yes to you
  • do the right thing by yourself and you’ll do the right thing by others, and
  • give back!

However there was one opinion in regards to gender specific networking that I feel I need to challenge.  Sadhana indicated that the concept of gender specific networking was not sustainable – I have to disagree!

While I fully support mixed gender networking, I know there are many women who do not feel comfortable in those situations and many close themselves off from the experience.  Since being involved with Business in Heels, I have witnessed first hand how women who may be less confident have grown and advanced beyond their expectations or wildest dreams – and that is the reason there will always be a place for gender specific, and in particular women only, networking events!



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