A – Z Blogging Challenge – Reflection

A-to-Z Reflection [2014]

I will always remember April 2014 as the month I was introduced to the blogosphere…not only my first A – Z Blogging Challenge, but also my first blog post!

So…how did I do?

Did you accomplish your goals? – Yes I did!  My goal was to get my hands on the A – Z Blogging Challenge Survivor Badge…done!

Did you post every day? – Yes I did!  A bit of forward planning goes a long way…

Did you make new friends? – Yes I did!  So excited to chat with bloggers from across the globe and here in Australia!

Did you enjoy the Challenge? – Yes I did!  I’m actually surprised at how quickly the days went by and how easy it was to prepare a topic for each letter…

Big congratulations to all the participants who made it through, you can check out some of the other blogs by looking here.

Special thanks to the team who established and monitor the A – Z Blogging Challenge…that in itself is a mammoth task!  And thanks also to YOU…my readers…xoxo

So tell me…how did I do?



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