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This is a non-post…

This is a non-post because today doesn’t exist for me!

I will have left Doha at night on Wednesday 14th February, and I’ll be arriving in Melbourne late today – so I miss a whole day.

Please, please do something great today and share your experience with me so I can dream of what I would have done on Thursday 15th February, 2018.

See you soon…


Happy (pre) Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air with tomorrow being Valentine’s Day.

In Paris, the streets are filled with lovers and special Valentine’s Day offers are on display all across the city.

I have no idea how much Valentine’s Day injects into the economy but I can only imagine it is a lot!

If you’re considering purchasing something special for your significant other, try supporting a small business – there are some pretty amazing and unique gifts on offer at independent retailers (both in store and online) and you can be safe in the knowledge that your purchase is much appreciated.

Sending love to you all.


Exchange rates

If all has gone to plan, then as you’re reading this I am living it up in Paris.

Before I left I exchanged some Australian dollars for Euro (I purchased the packs from ANZ that come in lots of 350 Euros) and I added some Euro to my travel card.

At first it was a challenge to see my Australian dollars reduce to their Euro equivalent, but I know me and when I travel I end up forgetting the exchange rate and simply shop in the relevant currency with what’s in my wallet.

Obviously it’s important to not overspend and to be mindful of your budget, but I also believe in enjoying my time while I am away…lucky for me Galeries Lafayette is just around the corner from my hotel, I best go for a look!


It’s my holiday time

Yes, I am off on holiday…to Pareee (that’s Paris but you need to say it like Pareee!)

Perhaps you’re thinking “but you just had time off”…and I kind of did.  I took the Christmas and New Year period off from The Tax Chic but have been working full time in my family’s business while my step-dad has been unwell.  Honestly, I’m feeling a little spent.

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with the city I love so much.  Wandering the familiar streets and discovering new ones. Seeing popular sights and meeting those that are lesser known. And maybe there will be some shopping too (maybe?? Who am I kidding? Of course there will be shopping!)

I’ll be back in the office on Monday 19th February so if I don’t get back to your queries before then, please know I am knee deep in vino will get to you as soon as I can.

Au revoir…


Photo credit: unknown, but I will try and take a similar picture only it’s unlikely the sun will be shining