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Work/life balance: Tip 3 of 3

Work/life balance: Tip 3 of 3:


At the beginning of this series of tips I mentioned that today we have many demands on our time – and I for one CANNOT live without my diary (I even use an old school paper diary, I am a visual learner and I like to see my whole week in front of my eyes…)

So when it comes to creating some balance in your life between work and play, and juggling the demands you have in your life (which are certain to be different from the demands I have in mine), it can be very important to schedule time just for you.

This might be a full day away from things, perhaps a trip to the hairdresser or a favourite lookout, or even just grabbing a coffee from your favourite café.

Pop it in your diary like an appointment, and keep it – you wouldn’t keep a client waiting, so don’t keep yourself waiting either!

It really doesn’t take much to rejuvenate yourself, and when times are busy a little will go a long way – remember the saying to “stop and smell the roses” – perhaps that’s all you need to do?

Work/life balance: Tip 3 of 3: SCHEDULE YOUR DOWN TIME


Work/life balance: Tip 2 of 3

Work/life balance: Tip 2 of 3:


You’ve probably heard the saying “When you want something done, ask a busy person” – but what about when you are the busy person being asked? Where do you draw the line?

It can certainly be a boost to your confidence to be asked to do something, but you should ask yourself “where does this fall on my work/life balance spectrum?”

When you find yourself being pulled in different directions and you need to say “no”, consider losing some energy draining activities (you know the ones that leave you absolutely spent at the end?).

Also,drop the time wasters (or tyre kickers as they are sometimes known).  This may actually mean you have to ‘sack a client’ or an acquaintance so you can have some quality time for yourself.

Don’t fret the outcome, just be bold and say “no”.

Work/life balance: Tip 2 of 3: LEARN TO SAY NO


Work/life balance: Tip 1 of 3

Work/life balance: Tip 1 of 3:


Many of us strive for perfection and that is certainly admirable, but sometimes done is better than perfect.

Consider the importance of the task, how does it rate in urgency, are you the best person to complete the task and what will happen if it isn’t perfect?

You may realise that the world won’t end if a particular task is not perfect – so cut yourself some slack.

Options may be to outsource the task to someone else, or rethink your perception on errands so that you enjoy the doing rather than focussing on the outcome.

Work/life balance: Tip 1 of 3: LET GO OF PERFECTION


The concept: work/life balance

It’s a bit of a ‘buzz’ topic isn’t it? The concept of work/life balance.

Personally, I feel that it is important to distinguish between some people looking for balance as in equal parts, and others looking for balance as a whole.

I don’t feel that balance in equal parts is right for me, because I could never (and neither do I want to), have an equal amount of work and an equal amount of play (or ‘life’ outside of work).

My preference is to think of life as a whole, and get comfortable with how I spend my time – whether that be working or doing things outside of work.

For me, work is a big part of my life, and the lines between work and play are often blurred – and that is OK as long as I live to my life’s purpose.

As recent as 2014, four in ten people felt that their work/life balance was deteriorating.

This is not surprising given the demands on our time, social media and sometimes being on call 24/7 – but there are some things you can do to help gain control over that balance.

Over the next three blog posts I’m going to share three BIG tips on the concept of work/life balance and how you can achieve it.

I hope you will tune in…