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Do you have an active mind?

As an accountant, people often say to me, “you must be good with numbers”…

Well, yes I am!

But there is so much more to accounting than numbers.

Accounting is problem solving and strategy, and it’s being comfortable with having to find alternative pathways to get to the destination – I love numbers, but I really love this part too.

So with much of my days taken up with this kind of work, it may come as a surprise that in the evening and on weekends, I often find myself playing puzzle games on my phone and iPad – but rather than call them puzzles, can we agree on calling them brain exercises?

Which leads me to the title question – do you have an active mind?

If you also do brain exercises on weekends, tell me in the comments (and it’s perfectly OK if these are puzzle games, in fact I’m always looking for new ones so please share if you like)


Women of Wyndham

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to the Women of Wyndham at their annual event.

The evening was held at the Suzanne Cory High School Auditorium in Werribee (it was a full house) and there was singing and dancing and plenty of praise for WOW champions!

The Women of Wyndham (or WOW as they are known), aims to provide a voice for Women of Wyndham to realise their full potential and develop a network to empower and engage them – sounds exactly like my kind of organisation.

Through my connections at Bank of Melbourne, who were proud sponsors of the event, I was invited to participate as a motivational speaker – the brief was simply to tell them about myself.

Sharing my story to a large and diverse audience was such an honour, and great practice too…

If you live in the Werribee area, look this group up online and join them!


BAS extension

The quarterly Business Activity Statement (BAS) for December is the only one where EVERYONE gets an extension!

Each quarterly BAS is due on the 28th of the month following the end of the quarter.

However, if you lodge using the ATO Business Portal you are eligible for a 2 week extension, and if you lodge using a registered tax agent(like me!), you are eligible for a 4 week extension – this is for lodgement and payment.

For the December quarter only, the ATO acknowledge the Christmas and New Year period together with school holidays as meaning that many businesses are understaffed and as such, EVERYONE is eligible for an extension of time to lodge and pay their BAS until 28th February which is next week.

Note: this should not be confused with your monthly BAS or IAS which is still due today!


Networking needs and wants…

As a solo-preneur I love a good networking event – an opportunity to get out of my home office and mingle and communicate with people from all walks of life.

But what about you?  Do you enjoy it?

Many of you know that I am the Branch Director of Business in Heels – South West Victoria.  When I launched this Branch back in 2015, I embraced the chance to bring an opportunity to the business and professional women of south west Victoria – an opportunity to meet and mingle, an opportunity to become known and an opportunity to cement yourself as a leader in your field (and an opportunity to wear your pretty heels too!).

Across the globe, more than 70,000 women have joined in the festivities of Business in Heels, and I am delighted to have our region of the world covered, but I really need your help to ensure this continues to be a success!

Running a regular event is not an easy task (well it’s not easy for me…), I have committed my time and my money and my knowledge, and I will continue to do so BUT, what exactly do you want from networking?

If you know our group and you’ve seen or attended our events, please let me know what you like, please let me know what you don’t like and please let me know what you want from networking – because I want to make this the greatest opportunity YOU have in south west Victoria to benefit from networking!