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Speak with Confidence!

corproate-logo-png1Business in Heels – South West Victoria is on the move to Camperdown for our next event!

I always wanted this group to be a true regional network, and holding this next event at Madden’s Commercial Hotel in Camperdown on 9th March, 2016 is definitely a step in the right direction!

We’ll be joined by vibrant coach, speaker, consultant and social entrepreneur – Prue Morrison!  Prue has worked with hundreds of business owners and professional women to help them reach their goals, and she’ll be joining us to help us “Speak with Confidence”

I read an article recently titled “Has your confidence done a runner?” – I’m not ashamed to say that this happens to me a lot!  As such, I’m always happy to take whatever help I can get in this area, and even if you think you’ll never get up on stage to present, speaking with confidence is a skill we can all use in our everyday lives.

We’ll also hear from local businesswomen Skye Munro from Nurturing Connections and Tania Rowan from Ultimate Functional Fitness – and as usual there’ll be heaps of prizes and fun and a take home goodie bag!

You can buy your tickets here – don’t forget to sign up as a Crystal Member to receive the discounted price…it’s FREE to join!



The Accountants’ Exemption

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Following the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, the Australian government (at the time) proposed some reforms to the way financial advice was to be provided in the future, these were known as the Future of Financial Advice (FOFA).

Part of the reforms included the “Accountants’ Exemption” – now I won’t go into the details (it will only bore you…), suffice to say that from 1st July, 2016 an unlicensed practitioner will be unable to direct their clients in regards to setting up a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)

I have decided to remain unlicensed in this regard – for a number of reasons – as such:

“From 1st July 2016, as I do not hold a financial services licence, I am generally prohibited from providing you with any recommendation or opinion that is intended to influence you in making any decision in relation to self-managed superannuation (including whether to establish, contribute to or draw a benefit from, an SMSF, or any investment decision by an SMSF trustee), or that could reasonably be regarded as being intended to have such an influence”.

Nothing else changes though…so we’re all good!



I am a coach!

Level 2I am a coach!

A couple of months ago I started studying towards my Advanced Diploma in Business and Leadership Coaching – and after some at home study and two intensive weekends I am now a Certified Level 2 Coach!

I am a coach!

What is coaching you might ask? It’s guiding, encouraging, using tools to facilitate change, understanding, listening and empowerment (and much more…)

I am a coach!

Coaching is not – judgement, counselling, a total solution or a quick fix. ┬áBut if there are areas of your life where you think you might need guidance or direction, coaching can help!

I am a coach!

There’s still a lot more work to do, but I’ve always been one for celebrating milestones, and this is a milestone for me! I am essentially taking something I’ve always done and making it a formal service offering for which I have the tools, skills and qualifications!

I am a coach! (PS our trainer is making us say this…hence the repetition!)



120 hours!

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I’m guessing by now you know that I’m an accountant right?

You probably also realise I have a university degree right?

I’ve also completed the Chartered Accountants Program, am a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and the holder of a Public Practice Certificate…are you still with me?

I won’t talk about my membership of the National Tax Accountant’s Association, my Xero Certified Advisor status or my Registered Tax Agent status…or maybe I just did?

What I want to ask you is – did you know that on top of all of this, I have to undertake 120 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) on a rotating three year basis? Each year must involve at least 20 hours and the maximum time allowed to be allocated to technical reading is 10 hours per year…

Why am I telling you this?  Because I think it’s important for everyone to realise we accountants and tax advisors do a heck of a lot of study and continuing education just so we can go to work each day and do the best we can for you – our clients.

We are the trusted advisor, please respect the craft.

PS that was on the verge of being a rant, no offence intended I’m just standing my ground over a comment made recently, thanks for indulging me!