2016 Census TONIGHT!

checklistTonight is Census night in Australia, are you ready?

The Census is compulsory. Everyone in Australia on Census night must complete the Census. The information is collected under the authority of the Census and Statistics Act 1905.

This year the Census is able to be completed online and you should have received details of your login in the mail (snail-mail…), but you can still complete a manual form if you prefer, and it’s not too late to request one.

Click on these links to answer these frequently asked questions:

Do I have to do the Census?

How do I complete the Census?

Remember, participating in the Census is vital to ensuring the statistics of Australia are up to date and relevant, let’s all do our part.



2 thoughts on “2016 Census TONIGHT!

  1. Tim Rippon

    Many thanks for this article Bron. What are your thoughts on the security / privacy of Census information given that the government will be collecting personal information for the first time?

  2. The Tax Chic Post author

    Good morning Tim, I understand a lot of Australians are concerned about the collection of personal information for the first time. I trust our Government agencies have implemented the best possible security measures available (remembering that there is plenty of personal information held by the ATO but no-one complains about having to provide it to them). On another note, New Zealand, Canada and the UK have collected this information in their Census in the past without incident. Thanks, Bron


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